Wondercare Pet

Happy pets, happy humans!

Wondercare is a company made with love where professionals treat your pet with respect, empathy and patience.

Considering  your pet’s species, age, breed and character, they provide private spaces and offer dedicated moments designed to meet each animal’s needs.That’s what makes  the difference to others: This is a  private service that will be focused only on  your furry baby at the right moment you need it.

Pet Care
The Challenge

This Swiss company was founded in 2021 with a huge goal, pets should be treated with pure love, empathy and patience

Knowing this, our client provided a sentimental meaning to this project: Wonder as “a feeling of amazement and admiration caused by something beautiful and remarkable” and Care as “look after someone and provide for the needs of somebody”, bringing the name of Wondercare and the logo with the “W” as Wonder and the paw illustrating who’s receiving the care.

Our main challenge as a branding agency was building a website that shows our love for animals. So then this needed intuitive navigation for all ages, an efficient booking system, has to be translated in English, German and Spanish and a look & feel as transparent as this thoughtful company is.

The Solution

Our agency provided a comprehensive solution for Wondercare. We began by developing a distinctive brand that conveyed trust and warmth, reflecting their focus on animal welfare.

We created a fun corporate stationery to reinforce their image at all customer touchpoints. Additionally, we designed and produced printed and digital promotional materials to increase their visibility in the local market. For their online presence, we created a new website with an integrated booking and payment platform, allowing customers to conveniently schedule and pay for services. We also provided art direction, brand consultancy, UX/UI design, and development to boost their social media and online presence.

Following their business plan, we strongly advised them on an ideal domain to help them position their business internationally in the future.

With our expertise, we guided them in improving their brand and located the proper keywords for optimizing the search in Google, which helped them attract new clients interested in their private and special services.

Our solution allowed Wondercare to establish a strong presence in the Zurich market and its surroundings, providing high-quality pet care services and a convenient client experience through its new website platform.

Ready to be their #wonderfriend?

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