Vega Pas

Tradition and Innovation in Spanish Pastry.

Vega Pas, a company rooted in bakery tradition since 1940, offers products that are made of us, made of you.

The Challenge

Vega Pas faced the challenge of launching its own brands in a competitive and ever-evolving market.

Additionally, they sought to update their packaging design to reflect the quality and craftsmanship of their products, as well as expand their presence both nationally and internationally. With the aim of taking their company to the next level, they needed comprehensive brand consultancy to stand out in both the B2B and B2C spheres.

We emphasized the need to develop innovative and appealing packaging, as well as eye-catching stands for trade fairs and impactful designs for their social media presence.

The Solution

Our agency provided a complete solution that addressed Vega Pas's needs.

We began by developing and modernising their packaging, adapting it to the current market and highlighting the authenticity of their products. We designed innovative packaging that stood out on the shelves and attracted consumer attention. Additionally, we created attractive and functional stands for trade fairs, ensuring a striking presence at key industry events. In the digital sphere, we developed eye-catching designs and effective strategies for their social media platforms, increasing their visibility and engagement with the target audience. We met the established deadlines, ensuring client satisfaction at every stage of the project.

The Solution

Thanks to the success of our brand and commercial strategy, Vega Pas successfully opened two new markets in the UK and France.

This international expansion was made possible by the enhanced reputation of the brand, the quality of the products, and the prominent presence at trade events, allowing Vega Pas to establish itself as a leading brand in the pastry sector. In summary, our comprehensive solution allowed Vega Pas to strengthen its position in the market, stand out as a brand of quality and tradition, and expand its reach both nationally and internationally, thanks to the development of innovative packaging, impactful trade fair stands, and effective designs for social media.

Made of us, made of you.

Made of us, made of you.

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