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Building successful brands across the UK food sector for over 50 years.

Cheers to breaking conventions, embracing flavour, and raising a glass to the art of baking. Elevate your palate!

About UFB

United Food Brands is a pioneering company in the food retail sector, with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, importing, distributing, and supplying food to numerous retailers

Currently, UFB has three brands in the biscuit, bakery, confectionary, and cake industry named Shires Bakery, Bello Artizano, and Waffle Amour. The ambitious brand relies on expert innovation to create FMCG products that are perfect for the UK retail sector, and they now have the international market in their sights.

The Challenge

There were little, if any, problems during the multiple projects that we carried out for United Food Brands, such is the expertise of our various departments.

However, the magnitude of the work meant that we had to manage our time in the correct way, ensuring that every single objective in the brief was met. It was imperative that the restyled brands for Shires Bakery and Waffle Amour, specifically, ran through the website content, maintaining the company’s brand throughout.

The Solution

Regarding the new website, we planned to create an online space that incorporated information about United Food Brands and the products they create.

Pages were built to include the background of how the company was established and the values that they possesses. Subpages detailing the three separate brands and links to the product ranges were created, as were details regarding their distribution network and contact details.

It was essential to make the website easy to navigate through, providing relevant information without bombarding the reader with too much content. Given the nature of our client’s business, we emphasised imagery on the website, showcasing the food that United Food Brands manufacture. With the addition of social media buttons, it allowed potential customers’ access to the company’s Instagram and Facebook page with ease.

When GF Brands were tasked with restyling and improving sections of the company’s branding, we ensured that there was a running theme throughout, thus making United Food Brands memorable to customers. The packaging we created reflected the brand while also staying true to the product itself. For example, Waffle Amour is marketed as an indulgent treat, so the packaging followed suit. In addition, we paid homage to the origins of the Belgian waffle by including the colours of the Belgian flag on every packet.

Given our vast knowledge of the company, we were able to bring their voice to life on social media. With regular content, competitions, and examples of positive feedback, we provided a well-rounded service, boosting the social media presence of United Food Brands. Moreover, when tasked with creating corporate presentations, we built one that was appropriate for the target market, detailing the relevant information and promoting the work, products, and vision of United Food Brands.

Launching products for the top chains of supermarkets and retail across the UK

Launching products for the top chains of supermarkets and retail across the UK

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