Grau Nuts

Delicious & nutritious plant-based snacks.

GRAU nuts is a family business created in 1979. We specialize in processing and manufacturing nuts, seeds, and snacks. Our 100% natural products boast health-busting benefits.

The Challenge

Grau faced the challenge of rebranding and expanding their market reach. With the aim to venture into the B2C market and launch their own brands, Grau Classics and Grau Signature, they required a comprehensive overhaul.

Additionally, they needed to develop new packaging that reflected the quality and innovation of their products, along with a stronger online presence through a refreshed and appealing website. The company also sought strategic guidance to position their brands in a competitive market and execute a successful international expansion. In a crowded marketplace, Grau needed to stand out and attract consumer attention with fresh and compelling offerings. The competition was fierce, and the company recognised the importance of differentiation not only through product quality but also through brand image and online presence.

The Solution

Our agency committed to providing a complete and tailored solution to address the challenges faced by Grau.

We began with the meticulous development of the Grau Classics and Grau Signature brands, emphasising their core values of quality, authenticity, and innovation. This involved in-depth market research and comprehensive competitor analysis to ensure the brands stood out uniquely and resonated with the target audience.

In terms of packaging design, our creative team worked to create packaging that was not only visually appealing but also conveyed the freshness and quality of Grau products. Innovative design techniques and high-quality materials were employed to achieve a lasting visual impact on supermarket shelves and capture consumer attention.

The Solution

For the revamp of Grau website, we focused on enhancing the user experience and optimising functionality to drive conversions.

This included modern and user-friendly design, relevant and engaging content, and seamless integration of their new product catalogue with the vision to create a strong e-commerce platform to facilitate online purchases in the future.

In addition to these core services, we provided strategic brand consultancy to help Grau define their market positioning and develop a robust and effective international expansion strategy. We also handled the creation of marketing materials, digital advertising, and exhibition stand design, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence across all customer touchpoints.

In summary, our comprehensive and professional solution enabled Grau to achieve their business objectives and consolidate their position as a leader in the market for healthy and delicious snacks, both nationally and internationally.

Innovating in the Snack World with over 40 years.

Innovating in the Snack World with over 40 years.

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